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*Public notices for the following meetings are posted at these physical locations:

Planning & Zoning Meetings : The bulletin boards located at each entrance to Customer Service at the Yuma County Development Services Building, 2351 W. 26th Street

Board of Supervisors Meetings: The bulletin boards located on the east side wall of County Administration Building at 198 S. Main Street
*Public Notices can also be retrieved on the Yuma County website at:
Planning & Zoning Meetings :
Board of Supervisors Meetings :
Board of Supervisors Public Notices: 

*Public notice on the Yuma County Redistricting Advisory Commission Meetings
September 19, 2011 public notice


Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) section 38-431.01 (G), states the following language:

G. The secretary of state for state public bodies, the city or town clerk for municipal public bodies and the county clerk for all other local public bodies shall conspicuously post open meeting law materials prepared and approved by the attorney general on their website.

In accordance with this requirement, please visit the Arizona Attorney General's manual, Chapter 7, containing Open Meeting Law informaiton.

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