Mobile/Manufactured Home Assessment

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The Assessors Office is responsible for appraising all mobile homes, manufactured homes, park models, and travel trailers. Field Appraisers perform site visits to all Mobile/Manufactured Home and RV Parks within the County. They collect data and prepare sketches, noting any changes to the mobile/manufactured home located in the individual spaces of each park. This information is stored and maintained electronically for the use in the assessment process.

Ownership Documents

Arizona has two types of ownership documents for mobile/manufactured homes. An Arizona title, issued by the Motor Vehicle Division of the Arizona Department of Transportation is required for all units not affixed to real property. For persons that own real property upon which a mobile/manufactured home is located the title may be surrendered and the unit affixed to the land. Whereupon, title to the unit transfers with the real property upon recording an Affidavit of Affixture with the County Recorder.

Moving a Mobile Home

Prior to moving a mobile/manufactured home the hauler (including self pulled) is required to obtain a "Mobile Home Property Tax Clearance" form. This notifies the assessor that the unit is being moved from one location to another and allows us to properly assess it at the new location.

Transferring Ownership

Prior to the transfer of ownership the seller is required to obtain a “Mobile Home Tax Clearance” form. This protects the buyer from possible seizure and sale for unpaid taxes.

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