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When I click the panorama button, a gray window appears but no image is displayed.
Panorama window is available only if a panorama picture is registered on the camera server. If not registered, a gray window appears.

Why can't I view video?
The video may not be displayed depending on the PC or Web Browser used. Please check the operating environment. Depending on the type of Web Browser you are using, you may have to change the Web browser settings. It is also likely that Java VM may not be installed on your PC. Please refer here for more details. If Java VM is not installed, please access Sun Microsystems Web page as shown below and download "J2SE v 1.4.2_11 JRE" from the Sun Microsystems website. Or, the camera server may be down. Please visit other camera sites to check to be sure that it is the problem of the camera server you have accessed.

  • The webcam server you are trying to access may be down. Try visiting other camera sites.
  • Make sure your computer's operating system is compatible with the Java viewer.
  • Check your Web browser to ensure the proper browser settings are being used.

Browser Setting
The Viewer for Java is automatically downloaded from the camera server, there is no need to install it in advance. However, depending on the type of Web browser you are using and your software settings, you may need to change your Web browser settings. The settings for your Web browser will vary depending on the version used.

Refer to the settings below and be sure to check your browser version:

Internet Explorer allows you to specify whether the use of Java is permitted. From the "Tools" menu, select " Internet Options" and click the "Advanced" tab. Then set "JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled" as the "Microsoft VM" setting. In Internet Explorer 5 or later, you must install the Java VM. If you are using Windows XP, you need to install ServicePack1 or later.

Netscape Navigator and Netscape Communicator also have a setting that specifies whether the use of Java is permitted. Select "Preferences" from the "Edit " menu, click " Advanced" and then click in the "Enable Java " checkbox.

Operating Environment

Web Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later recommended.
Netscape Navigator or Communicator 4.78 or later recommended. (Excluding 6.01 and 6.1)

Operating System Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP

 Controlling the Camera

start control Button image Camera is not controlled.
Wait Button image You have clicked the [Start Control] button and the camera server is being contacted. This display does not appear if the camera server responds immediately.
reserve Button image Awaiting control privilege reservation. The number beside the person icon shows the estimated time until control privileges are granted. However, you may be granted control privileges before this number reaches "0" if other users cancel camera control or withdraw from the queue.
under control Button image You have been granted control privileges. The number beside the clock icon is your period of exclusive control.
retain control Button image You can retain control privileges even though your period of exclusive control has expired. This is because there are no camera control requests from other clients.
disconnected Button image When the camera control status window turns red, you have either been disconnected from the camera control server, you could not connect to the camera control server at start-up, or your connection was not permitted.


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